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About early diagnosis and care on EU level

The European Parliament resolution on the EU response to HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries, released November 2011
HIV in Europe Response to European Parliament Resolution (Dec 2011) 

The European Parliament Resolution on HIV/AIDS - early diagnosis and early care, released November 2008

European Commission - A strategy for combating HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries 2009 - 2013, released by the EC 26 October 2009

About routine HIV testing in the United States
In September of 2006, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released revised recommendations for routine HIV testing in health care settings in the United States.  In order to help track the progress of these recommendations, the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research created a web portal  focusing on routine HIV testing in the United States.  This portal serves as a centralized hub of the latest information on HIV testing initiatives, models, publications, and news in the United States and serves as a valuable reference tool for those wishing to learn more about routine HIV testing initiative in the United States.

Updates on Routine HIV Testing in the U.S.

2010 National Summit on HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care
2008 National Summit on HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care 
HIV Testing Policies and Models of Implementation of Routine HIV Testing
Metrics and Evaluation Measures for Monitoring the Implementation of Routine HIV Testing in the U.S.
Implementing Routine HIV Testing in Correctional Facilities: Challenges and Opportunities

The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, convened a one-day roundtable on April 23, 2009, to discuss the metrics needed to assess the expansion of HIV testing and efforts to link patients to care. 

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