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HIDES Newsletter

Issue No. 2 - September 2012
Recruitment status

By 5 September 38 centers from 19 countries with 98 surveys are participating in HIDES. 7 sites with 14 surveys have started recruitment.

By 5 September a total of 672 patients were enrolled into the online CRF system Redcap.

Eleventh International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection 11-15 November 2012 Glasgow, UK

HIDES Investigator Meeting, Monday 12 November 17:00 -18:00, Ness Room

Recruitment goals for 1 November 2012

Surveys: In total 2000 patients into the Redcap system
Audits: All audits finalized and entered into the Redcap online system

Please note that a section D. Setting has been added to the online CRF

All sites are asked to complete a questionnaire (one for each survey) with details on the setting and procedures. The questionnaire is accessible through the Redcap system. Choose questionnaire in the menu, enter center code and data.
Deadline 1 November 2012

Missing surveys and audits

Conditions and regions were centres are still needed to participate are marked in yellow in the table to the left.

Audits are missing in:
North: candida esophagitis
anal cancer, cervical cancer, hepatitis, candida esophagitis
East: candida esophagitis
South: anal cancer, cervical cancer, candida esophagitis

Please share the call for collaboration with other centers/departments or send possible contacts to the secretariat.

HIDES Coordinating Secretariat: Dorthe Raben +4535455782, Marie Louise Jakobsen; Gloria Nanfuka; IT: Frederik Marcher