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HIDES Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - Februar 2013
Recruitment status – Surveys

By 26 February 2013, 22 countries with 54 centers are participating with 135 surveys in HIDES II.

A total of 1792 patients are enrolled in the surveys in the online CRF system Redcap.

Enrollment Overview 26 February per ID per region:

Highlighted areas indicate IDs where surveys are still needed. We encourage all sites to start enrolling in the following surveys, even if the number of estimated enrollment is < 100:
  • Ongoing Mononucleosis
  • Peripheral NeuropathyParticularly in the Northern region;
  • Unexplained Lymphadenopathy
We also encourage sites to start up all of the surveys they have committed to.

Recruitment status – Audits

We encourage all sites to consider completing audits in the highlighted IDs if possible.

Recruitment goals for 15 May 2013
Surveys: In total 6000 patients into the Redcap system
Audits: All audits finalized and entered into the Redcap online system

Questionnaire All sites are asked to complete a questionnaire (one for each survey) with details on the setting and procedures. The questionnaire is accessible through the Redcap system. Choose questionnaire in the menu, enter center code and data. Deadline 15 May 2013

Age inclusion criteria:
Please be aware that patients have to be between 18 and 65 years of age to be enrolled.



The study group has agreed to submit an abstract for the EACS 2013 Conference based on the results of the audits. We therefore ask all sites to please complete their audits by 15 May.

HIDES Coordinating Secretariat: Dorthe Raben +4535455782, Marie Louise Jakobsen; Gloria Nanfuka; IT: Frederik Marcher