Portugal - National Rapporteurs

This page contains information about national initiatives on earlier testing and relevant links.

HIV Portugal 2009 Conference
Clear commitments were made by the National authorities at the Conference:

The conference announcement and posteriori overview was published in the magazine "Action & Treatments".

HIV Portugal 2009 Conference: Working together towards early healthcare and diagnosis of the HIV infection, 27 - 28 March 2009, Lisboa, Portugal

2010 Projects
In 2010, 2 major projects on sex workers and MSM combined rapid tests and a study on behaviour, knowledge and barriers to care was coordination by GAT and Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical. The GAT project approved on setting was Checkpoint Lisbon to provide test for HIV and STIs was also approved and it will open in December. The Checkpoint team already made two interventions at community settings (LGBT center and place of gay socialization).

The Portuguese Civil Society Forum on HIV/AIDS approved a declaration on the priorities for the HIV epidemic control in Portugal, reflecting the consensus on the recommendations made at the HIV in Portugal conference.


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