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Spain - National Rapporteurs

This page contains information about national initiatives on earlier testing and relevant links.

Progress carried out in Spain in relation to early diagnosis of HIV.
In March 2010, Projecte dels NOMS-Hispanosida, organized in collaboration with the Fundació de Lluita contra la Sida, a national level seminar for promoting HIV testing in nonclinical settings. From this experience, Projecte dels NOMS-Hispanosida, was responsible for training (technical, logistics, counseling ...) more than 60 people, representatives of NGOs from all over Spain, to implement best practices in community-based services for HIV detection. 

On 18th October 2010 the conference HIV in Spain will be held in Barcelona.

More than 100 participants from all over the country are expected. The HIV Conference in Spain 2010, will take place in the framework of the “National HIV Testing Day” implemented by Projecte dels NOMS-Hispanosida in 2004 and currently held annually every 20th of October in all over Spain.

HIV Conference "Vulnerability and HIV in Europe" held under the Spanish EU Presidency, Madrid, 13 April 2010
Conclusions from the Conference "Vulnerability and HIV in Europe"