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This page contains information about national initiatives on earlier testing and relevant links.

HIV in Europe National Conference held in France 2008

VIH 2008 Sommet Européen Diagnostic, November 21st 2008, Paris, France

In 2008, nearly 5 million HIV tests were performed. But the situation is not sufficient. The mean of CD4 for people tested positives is 354/mm3. The CD4 are under 200/mm3 for 29% of those persons, between 200 and 350 for 21% of them and superior to 350 for 50%. Moreover, one can estimate that 50 000 persons are not aware of their positive status.

Since 2006, different national organisms have published reports, recommendations or have organized conferences on this topic:

The national council on aids published an advice in 2006.
Sidaction organized an international conference on rapid testing among most at risk populations in December 2007.
The High Authority of Health, at the request of the French health ministry, published two rapports in 2008, on laboratory tests and algorithms, and 2009, on screening strategies.

The main recommendations are :
HIV testing shall be proposed to every adult between 15 to 70
HIV testing shall be proposed every year to :
- Multipartners heterosexual from countries of high incidence (especially from Africa and Caraïbes)

HIV testing shall be proposed regularly to:
- Heterosexual with more than one partner in a year
- People living in French departments of America
- People from high prevalence countries
- Sex workers
- People whose partner is HIV positive

In Guyana, HIV testing shall be proposed every year to the entire population
HIV testing shall be proposed:
- by primary care doctors
- by community based organizations
- in laboratories

HIV testing shall be proposed to every pregnant woman

New regulations: HIV rapid testing is allowed in case of blood exposition; of recent sexual exposition (to propose, or not, a Post exposure prophylaxis treatment); for woman with unkown serostatus before delivery; if symptoms can let think to AIDS.