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HIDES 2 (HIV Indicator Diseases Across Europe Study) 

The HIDES study aims at developing focused HIV testing in patients presenting with certain clinical conditions and/or diseases.

Study aims:

1. Implement surveys to assess HIV prevalence for one or more diseases and/or conditions within a specific segment of the population not yet diagnosed with HIV and that present for care with the specific disease/condition.

  1. Presenting for care of malignant lymphoma, irrespective of type - patient information leaflet template
  2. Presenting for care of cervical or anal dysplasia or cancer, (Cervical CIN II and above) - patient information leaflet template CC - patient information leaflet template AC
  3. Presenting for care of Hepatitis B or C virus infection (acute or chronic – and irrespective of time of diagnosis relative to time of survey),
  4. Presenting with ongoing mononucleosis-like illness -patient information leaflet template
  5. Presenting with unexplained leukocytopenia or thrombocytopenia lasting at least 4 weeks -patient information leaflet template 
    Procedures for capturing data for ongoing mononucleosis-like illness from the laboratory
  6. Presenting with seborrheic dermatitis / exanthema -patient information leaflet template
  7. Presenting with pneumonia,  admitted to hospital for at least 24h  - patient information leaflet template
  8. Presenting with unexplained lymphadenopathy - patient information leaflet template
  9. Presenting with peripheral neuropathy of unknown cause (diagnosed by neurologist) - patient information leaflet template
  10. Presenting with primary lung cancer - patient information leaflet template
  11. Presenting with severe or recalcitrant psoriasis (newly diagnosed) - patient information leaflet template

2. Launch, implement and evaluate an audit system of the performance of HIV testing of persons presenting with a condition which has already been established as an indicator for HIV testing.

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma
  3. Anal cancer
  4. Cervical cancer
  5. Hep B and C
  6. Candida esophagitis

HIDES2 presentation: 14th European Aids Conference, Friday 18th October 2013 in Brussels

Questionnaire - all participating centres

How to get involved  

Call for Collaboration

Newsletter - September 2012

Newsletter - March 2013

Newsletter - May 2013

Study documents
Protocol version 1.1, English
Protocol version 1.1, German
Protocol version 1.1, French
Protocol version 1.1, Spanish
Protocol version 1.1, Portuguese
Protocol version 1.1, Dutch
Protocol version 1.1, Russian

Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, English
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, German
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, French
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, Spanish
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, Portuguese
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, Dutch
Instructions for auditing of HIV testing, Russian

HepHIV2014 Conference, Barcelona 5-7 October
HIDES Press release, 6 October 2014

English version
Russian version